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Ronaldo Macedo


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Ronaldo was born in Rio de Janeiro and has resided in the U.S. since 1981; on Maui since 1989. Having earned a degree in illustration from Cal State Long Beach, this adventurous artist feels painting is his life work, always changing, always learning.

Growing up in Rio was nonetheless very exciting. Brazil's music, landscape, the people and the beaches are really inspiring to all, especially artists. Ronaldo's parents recognized his talents at an early age and were the most motivating force besides Ronaldo's own early passion for observing and drawing. In Brazil Ronaldo was too young for formal art training, leaving him to grow his skills on his own, when not in school or at the beach.

Arriving in the U.S. early 1981, Ronaldo was amazed by all the different opportunities to focus on Art as a career, as well as to be able to surf some of California's famous breaks. His high school years and college years were made possible with the support of his parents, Ronaldo's adopted American family; the Mayol's, and free-lance design jobs such as a sign painting business he created.
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