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Holly Young


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My professional life until a few years ago was centered on chemistry. After seven years of researching at Cornell and consulting for the chemical industry, I began to look for something more intimate and rewarding.

I took a chance and threw out conventional wisdom and decided to try sculpting. I took a job at a bronze foundry and learned from the ground (clay) up. I fell in love with the work and have never regretted it.

Sculpting for me is pure delight. When I work, I have no sense of time. I can begin sculpting in the evening and in what seems to be only a few hours, realize the strange light outside is actually the dawn and I'm hungry!

The process is still a wonder to me. The vision for a sculpture usually arrives fully formed in my mind and I would describe my "work" to be more like allowing the idea to magically transform into solid matter by flowing out of my hands...than plainly constructing a statue.

I believe that life is one magnificent dance, that everything happens for our learning and enjoyment. I hope to express my love and understanding of this goodness through my art. I am impressed with the innocence and wonder in which children view the world and have tried to capture those qualities in my work. I am in love with life and hope my sculptures will serve to inspire people to remember joy and to reflect on what is truly important in life.


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