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Muramasa Kudo


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Muramasa Kudo's work fosters a return to a graceful elegance and a calmness of spirit. His spiritual beliefs are the foundation for his creativity, as well as for his artistic and personal code of simplicity.

He uses traditional Japanese methods in a style that incorporates classical, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco elements.

Kudo was trained as a youth in calligraphy, more of a discipline than an art form, in which mistakes are destroyed rather than corrected. His understanding of himself is in part based on the knowledge that calligraphy is nothing but simple black characters on a sheet of white paper.

With soft and tender brush strokes, Kudo portrays a woman with a roundness, a sweetness, and yet a strength he articulates with very sharp lines. Woman is such a beautiful creature. My women in their environment are very stimulating, a mystery never quite understood.

Kudo's art has always been heart-centered, striking a universal chord. He entices the viewer into a fantasy world of sensuality, a peaceful world of stillness and enchantment. Trying to express complex and contradictory elements in a single work of art, Kudo uses the simplicity of sumi-e lines. His well-developed hand, meticulous in detail, draws single, unbroken lines, steady and precise. The line represents economy and constancy, a clean and powerful line can describe all figures.

This form of art is very disciplined, difficult, and unforgiving.

The common thread in all of his art is the total control of form and balance, color and imagery.

With simple paintings, you never get bored. Every single day they look different; they go along with your feelings. Viewers enjoy the honesty and balance in Kudo's work, and that translates to a gift of confidence to the artist, encouraging him in his less is more philosophy. "I think my work touches the hearts of those who are exhausted by the complex world of excessive information, which makes it hard to distinguish the truth from the rest," he says.

Muramasa Kudo was born in Kawamata-Machi, a small town near Fukushima City, north of Tokyo, Japan. Kudo's move in 1981 from his birthplace to Southern California has resulted in what he considers "the American dream come true." Collectors of his work include celebrities such as Robert De Niro, Francis Ford Coppola, Oliver Stone, and Whoopi Goldberg.

In 1992, the California Senate recognized Kudo for his contributions to the arts. Senator Art Torres, Chairman of the Pacific Rim Committee appointed Kudo as California's Cultural Ambassador to Japan and the Pacific Rim.

Kudo has traveled the world extensively and is by nature outgoing and spirited. A man of many talents he is self-taught and proficient in fine culinary cuisine, and classical and framenco guitar. And don't be surprised to find him behind a piano, sporting a crooner's voice. Lahaina Galleries is proud to offer the exquisite paintings of this gifted artist.


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