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Andrea Razzauti


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A man with an artistic quest, Razzauti is on a continual path to discovery when it comes to painting and music. He has always demonstrated a remarkable artistic ability expressed in particular through his steady emphasis on dazzling colors and an infinite explosion of shades which create a universe of living things. His quest is continual, intent on giving life to mages which are more personal and coherent, more significant and unitary.


From his birth in Livorno, Tuscany to his education at the Instituto Statale d'Arte di Pisa, Razzauti has been surrounded by the glorious bounty of Nature and the genius of the art world's Old Masters.


Dazzling, lush landscapes explode from Razzauti's canvases. With a myriad of colors placed dot by tiny dot in paintings that could have been created by a pointillist, his images evoke a universe of living things.


Razzauti's instinctive finesse of how to put paint to canvas, characterized by delicate hues and tones his inner core of color , is akin to the awakening of dream-like spells reflected with great clarity.


It is rare when viewing a new artist's work to find it compelling..rarer still when the subject matter tends to be as overdone as the seascape in Hawaii. How refreshing and startling then to see soul-stirring depths in just such subjects by Andrea Razzauti. Andrea's ability to captivate the viewer goes beyond his virtuoso technical skill and meticulous workmanship. In ways shared by history's greatest artists Andrea allows us to see the world through his eyes and his vision of that world is unique. Razzauti doesn't want to fascinate. He wants us to feel the strength, the vigor, the intensity of the subject.


What the viewer experiences is one man's discovery of life's many secrets. What makes his work so captivating is that he enables us to see that vision and feel we are truly experiencing it ourselves.


Andrea Razzauti's work graces both private and corporate collections throughout Europe, as well as numerous murals and frescos in villas and national historic buildings in such places as Florence, Livorno, Tuscany, Liguria and Lombardia. We are fortunate indeed that today; Razzauti's work is represented by Lahaina Galleries.


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