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Don Dahlke


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Don Dahlke's tropical discovery is a long way from his native Oregon. It became clear early on that Dahlke's call was painting. At the beginning of his artistic journey, the American-born artist lived in Greece and returned to the U.S. with a new understanding of light and shadow. Years later after a sojourn to the West Indies he added the vivid palette of tropical colors to his paintings. Dahlke now considers travel his greatest influence on his work.

Depicting ideal island life eventually became the focus of his work. An art graduate of the College of the Cayman Islands and the University of Oregon, Dahlke considers all his oil paintings "pure" in that they come from no pre-conceived intent, but are made fresh at the moment of creation.

Dahlke's early pieces can be classified as whimsical, capturing the spirit of West Indian life. He also has experimented with abstracts in mixed media, revealing his more spiritual side. The current architectural series of window scenes has become his own distinctive style.

Dahlke's signature tropical windows to paradise are wonderfully dreamlike. The shadow of a palm tree is cast upon a tropical cottage. The window shutters imbue each painting with a powerful light. By interpreting light and shadow with an exceptional sensitivity, Dahlke creates a pleasing mood. Saturated with luminous and vibrant color, his paintings convey optimism, each capturing a peace and serenity through the ocean views. You are drawn through each cottage to the ocean bliss.

Dahlke's strength lies in the allure of the island ambience, sun, warmth, colors reminding us of relaxing summer days. Dahlke's imagery evokes memories and longings of paradise. The works invite you to take pleasure in the temporary escape to a place of tranquility. Lay back in the hammock on the deck and dream.

Lahaina Galleries is honored to represent the work of this fine artist, and invites you to share our admiration for the extraordinary and serene paintings of Don Dahlke.


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