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New Six-Story High Mural by Craig Alan
"From the Ground Up" A phoenix rising from the ashes is Atlanta, Georgia's newest public art piece...To read more click image.
Painting Rhododendron Flowers by Caroline Zimmermann
This video shows Caroline's latest painting, "Rhode Trip". Watch as she paints the morning dew drops on the petals. To watch video click image...
Cheryl Kline - A Passion For Painting
Take a peek inside Cheryl's studio. To watch video click image...
Hawaii is Reopening to Tourism AUG 1st
We have missed you! The Governor of Hawaii is allowing certain traveler's to avoid the 14 day quarantine. To read more click image...
Matson's Newest Moving Painting!
Steve Matson's newest painting inspired by Lake Arrowhead.... Click image to see the short demo.
A Visit on Maui with Artist Ronaldo Macedo
Ronaldo Macedo gives us a little sneak peek tour of his studio and "beach-life" lifestyle living in Lahaina, Maui Hawaii. Click Image to see video...
New Limited-Edition Prints by Artist Robert Bissell
Click image to see "The Journey" and "Arcadia"...
Video - Bee, Breeze & Poppies by Caroline Zimmermann
Check out this video of how Caroline approaches a floral painting. To see video click image...
New Dr. Seuss Deluxe Art Book - Comes with 4 Prints
This special deluxe volume may be the perfect way to enrich your time at home with 320 pages of illustrated content highlighting the entirety of Dr. Seuss's artistic career. To learn more click image...
Video - Alex Bernstein - Creating Glass Sculptures
Check out this new video on Alex Bernstein! To watch video click image...
Jim and Nancy Staying Active
“We miss you all! Jim & I have been riding our bikes down Front Street every afternoon to stay active." To read more click image...
Ronaldo Macedo - Surf, Fish, Paint!
The Macedo family is doing well. The kids just surf the days away. In the evenings. To read more click image...
Video- Dario Campanile Stuck on Maui
Dario and Patricia Campanile, stuck on Maui & relearning the guitar. :) To see video click image...
Act of Kindness
Randi Holthouse has been following the "stay at home" orders and felt strongly that she needed to do something to protect her community....so she decided to pull out her sewing machine. To read more click image...
Steve Matson's Lake Arrowhead Home
Aloha from Lake Arrowhead! After a beautiful winter, Spring is in the air. I've been working on my twelfth painting. To read more click image...
Video - Rod Cameron Wishing You All Well
Aloha from Rod Cameron's studio. To watch this short video click image...
Caroline Zimmermann's Tuscany Studio
Buon Giorno from my Tuscan Studio...
John, Murphy and I are working from home here in our home in Italy, and contentedly keeping very busy. We are normally quite isolated in our river valley. To read more click image...
Cheers to 44 Years!
Cheers to 44 years! Lahaina Galleries closes their Front Street location. To read more click image...
Calistoga Wine Event
Our recent trip to Calistoga was an amazing experience, with many special memories to last a lifetime.  To read more click image...

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