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About Lahaina Galleries


Born 250 miles apart in small towns in Tennessee and Arkansas, Jim and Nancy Killett met in college and married right after graduation. With their dual physical education degrees—Jim coached football, Nancy gymnastics—they traveled to New Mexico, Florida, and Okinawa...

That doesn't exactly sound like the biography of a couple running one of the most swank, successful galleries in America.

But nothing about the Killetts fits the art-gallery picture, from their lean, rawboned middle-American strength, to their relaxed confidence and good humor, to the way they casually point me to the glossy art pamphlets that other art dealers might shove in my face. And what's most surprising is that in a business sometimes derided as crass and hype-driven, Jim and Nancy Killett bring a true family feeling to their dealings with their artists, customers, staff, and the kids in their community.


Our Staff

Lee Killett
---Director of Internet Services

Callie Wray
---Director of Marketing & Sales

Paul Shaker
---LGI Company Strategist - Wailea, Maui

Tanya Buckley
---LGI Marketing Associate - Newport Beach, CA

Beau Killett
---Social Media & Assistant Marketing - Bend, OR

Chris Cornis
--Director - Big Island, Hawaii

Nils Kullander
--Director - Lahaina, Maui

Glenn Kakugawa
--Director - Maui Locations

Yvette Colby
--Director - Newport Beach, CA

Kasey Solesbee
--Director - Newport Beach, CA

Stephen Kemper
-Senior Art Consultant - Lahaina, Maui

Brian Connolly
-Senior Art Consultant - Lahaina, Maui

Renee Nunez-Kemp
-Senior Consultant - Big Island, HI

Maria Marcum
-Senior Consultant - Wailea, Maui

Virginia Fox
-Senior Consultant - Wailea, Maui

Kim Norman
Fine Art Consultant - Big Island, Hawaii

Gary Cogil
Fine Art Consultant - Big Island, Hawaii

Stephanie Ansley
Fine Art Consultant - Big Island, HI

Alexander Kalish
Fine Art Consultant - Lahaina, Maui

Ron Ritnour
Fine Art Consultant - Lahaina, Maui

Margaux Nelson
Fine Art Consultant - Lahaina, Maui

David Richards
Fine Art Consultant - Lahaina, Maui

Christine Turnbull
Fine Art Consultant - Wailea, Maui

Gale Wisehart
Fine Art Consultant - Wailea, Maui

Steve Taylor
Operations - Maui, Hawaii

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