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Yankel Ginzburg


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Yankel Ginzburg's lifetime achievements are nearly as colorful as his paintings. Born in the Soviet Republic of Khazakhstan and educated in Israel, he began his artistic career as a prodigy at the prestigious Institute of Art in Israel at the impressionable age of thirteen. He was the youngest student ever accepted to the Academy.

Marc Chagall visited the Academy in 1962. While there chatting with the students, his eyes lit on two Ginzburg paintings. He asked, "How old is this lad?" When the director explained that he was the youngest student at the Academy, Chagall replied, "It took me 40 years to capture Paris. This youngster will capture the world even before his hair turns gray". In 1967, Ginzburg was reacquainted with Marc Chagall and honored with a one-man show at the Marc Chagall Museum.

Shortly thereafter, Ginzburg was invited to exhibit in the United States by President Johnson and has permanently resided and worked in the United States since 1969. Ginzburg is always in motion whether he is founding new art movements, creating monumental sculptures, or sharing his art and philosophies with notaries, artist and dignitaries throughout the world. As a major philanthropist and advocate of charitable causes, Ginzburg has helped raise millions of dollars to help the needy in Russia, Cambodia and the world over. His energy is boundless; his talent vast; his works exacting, at times abstract.

Yankel Ginzburg is truly one of a kind. We are honored to have been chosen to represent this energetic, multi-talented genius.


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