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Frederick Hart


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"I believe that art has a moral responsibility, that it must pursue something higher than itself. Art must be a part of life. It must exist in the domain of the common man. It must be an enriching, ennobling and vital partner in the public pursuit of civilization. It should be a majestic presence in everyday life just as it was in the past." Frederick Hart

Frederick Hart has been described as America's greatest representational artist. He has gone completely against the grain of the contemporary art world; substance and beauty are the chief criteria of his work. "My work isn't art for art's sake, it's about life. I have no patience with obscure or unintelligible art - I want to be understood."

Born in Atlanta in 1943, the traditions of Southern country life have remained with Frederick Hart long after his youthful years spent in South Carolina. Continuing that tradition, in 1987 he built a country home on 135 acres of open farmland and rolling hills in the Piedmont region of northern Virginia.
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