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Hong Leung


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H. Leung has been acclaimed since 1952 for his brilliant artistic style. A master of oil on canvas, he achieves a haunting quality in his works that absorbs the viewer's emotions like an irresistible melody. His brush, like a wand, seems to weave a sense of enchantment. In his landscapes and waterside villages, visions of Shangri-La come to mind, superbly mixed with subtle orchestrations of peacefulness and drama.

Technique is both a creative and expressive force in the art of H. Leung. Distinctively semi-abstract, his images allow the viewer's eye to supply what is merely suggested. This very involving result adds power not only to the impact of his designs; it increases the joy that owning his works provides.

Rich in imagination and lyrical in grace, the paintings and prints of H. Leung have captured an enormous audience, especially in the U.S.A and Asia. There can be no doubt that the artist is a maestro with color, using it like music to develop his moods and movement. Harmonious tones, exuberant accents, and vibrant reflections of sunlight are among his aesthetic ideals. Whether bright or subdued, his scenics have a softness of spirit which warms and pleases the eye. Every composition creates a flow of hues and tints that seems to establish a rhythm of romance.

H. Leung was born in Canton, China, in 1933. At the age of nineteen, having moved to Hong Kong, his artistic career began to blossom forth, receiving recognition from collectors and critics alike. Honored over the years by numerous distinguished art societies and schools, he is nonetheless an essentially self-taught painter. Clearly, his innate abilities and inventiveness are of the highest order.

In 1978, H. Leung and his family immigrated to the U.S. Since that time, he has shown his works in major exhibitions in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, California, Texas, and Hawaii. By virtue of his artistic talents and achievements H. Leung has been granted U.S. citizenship.

Lahaina Galleries is proud to offer not only his exquisite paintings, but also his stunning limited-edition prints. These have all been executed on the finest textured paper and canvas, and each is signed and numbered by the artist himself.


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