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Aldo Luongo


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From the day I was born, Luongo recalls, everyone seemed to have an idea of what I should be. My father wanted me to be a businessman and professional soccer player, same as he. My mother wanted me to become a concert pianist, and my favorite uncle wanted me to become a painter. Funny how life unfolds.

Born to Italian parents, Aldo was raised in Argentina. While growing up he was exposed to several of the arts including painting and playing the piano. But his true love when young was playing soccer. Painting and soccer are like walking to me. So natural.

In fact, after graduating from the Academy of Fine Art in Buenos Aires, Aldo played professional soccer for the New York Cosmos. A few relocations, injuries, and a stint as a jewelry designer later, the artist completed the circle by returning to painting.

A look at Aldo Luongo's work tempts one to say, Of course, he has to paint. It's fundamental to the man's essence. And so it is.


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