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Lyle Sopel


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"As an artist it is my intention to try and interpret the theatre of life that unfolds so beautifully in nature. I am totally captivated by these dramatic and humorous scenarios. I try to express human emotions within my work so my images reflect my belief that man and animal share the same living spirit."

Growing up in rural British Columbia, Lyle Sopel has lived close to nature for most of his life. As a youth he traveled across Europe acquainting himself with the history and tradition of western sculpture and studying the masters. Works of Brancusi, Rodin, and Moore especially fascinated him. After returning to British Columbia his goal was to pursue a career in anthropology while studying ancient art and cultures. However, as he recalls, "One day on the way to class I happened to view students working in the sculpture studio. From that moment on I knew all I wanted to do was sculpt."
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