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Muramasa Kudo


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Muramasa Kudo's work fosters a return to a graceful elegance and a calmness of spirit. His spiritual beliefs are the foundation for his creativity, as well as for his artistic and personal code of simplicity.

He uses traditional Japanese methods in a style that incorporates classical, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco elements.

Kudo was trained as a youth in calligraphy, more of a discipline than an art form, in which mistakes are destroyed rather than corrected. His understanding of himself is in part based on the knowledge that calligraphy is nothing but simple black characters on a sheet of white paper.

With soft and tender brush strokes, Kudo portrays a woman with a roundness, a sweetness, and yet a strength he articulates with very sharp lines. Woman is such a beautiful creature. My women in their environment are very stimulating, a mystery never quite understood.
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