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Lori Wylie


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Born in Southern California, Lori Wylie’s first artistic talent emerged through music. She was blessed with musical parents who encouraged her to move forward in the arts by pursuing her love for the violin and piano. The family moved to the Sacramento area when she was 12, at which time she designed, created and sold unique jewelry pieces. Lori studied Art History and Music at California State University at Sacramento. She also taught flute lessons and played both the flute and piccolo in the Camellia Symphony Orchestra.

"The years I spent training in classical music and improvisational jazz prepared me for my journey in fine art. I've had no formal schooling in painting or metal work and am self taught in my current medium, which can be challenging when things don’t go as planned, yet very fulfilling when every-thing comes together. I have always been intrigued by transparent and illusionary images such as waves, clouds, sun rays and other subjects in nature. The ever changing beauty and complexity of creation is the foundation of inspire-ation behind my work.” Much of my current work is inspired by the breathtaking island of Maui, where I moved in 2010.

The joy of living in such stimulating, natural beauty was a dream come true.” Lori recently moved back to her roots of Southern California, another spectacularly beautiful area providing endless source material. “The more I seek deeper vision in my subjects, the more the details become apparent. The beauty of clouds and sun rays with their endless colors are of great inspiration to me. One of my goals is to layer reflections of light in the metal, giving the skies depth and mystery. The ocean, particularly waves, offers endless interpretation. Because waves are all different in size, motion, angles and color, they allow me the joy of creating transparent images, giving the work a great illusion of depth and layers not possible on any other substrate. Taking the liberty of twisting, splashing and ascending the water in unusual and surreal forms is continually exciting.”

Discovering the three dimensional effects the metal canvases produce has been quite exciting. The different texturing and paints that I blend together fool the eye into thinking the metal is thicker than it is. Using techniques similar to Andreas Nottebohm’s illusionary painting on metal (one of my artistic influences), I continue to explore unusual methods on several different types of metal. I am always looking for new and unique ways to convey and project my love for nature.”

Lahaina Galleries is proud to represent Lori Wylie’s innovative and fascinating metal paintings.


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