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Larissa Morais


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Born and raised in Moscow, Larissa has been painting since she was in high school. Her first love was not the brush, however, but rather the keys of a piano. Soon after, an influential teacher redirected her interest toward the world of art. While helping her sister with art homework one afternoon, a passion for painting was sparked. She had discovered her destiny.

Larissa received her BFA from the Moscow Theatrical Arts Institute, and attended the Graduate School of Restoration and Conservation. While in graduate school, Larissa took courses in conservation and restoration of 15th and 16th Century paintings. Larissa says, "When you restore a painting, you can paint your own strokes into history."

Larissa Morais' lush and sensual paintings capture the true beauty and essence of the world around her. Her fine brushstrokes create such a realistic impression; at first glance they resemble a photograph. Her delicate technique results in a highly detailed and multi-layered composition filled with movement and drama.

Larissa is especially captivated with the human figure, which she is able to present in a way that is usually not seen by the naked eye. She has an amazing ability to capture not only the outward physical beauty of her models, but also their character. Larissa says of her paintings, "Its is all there for me, waiting to be uncovered."

Larissa's favorite painting is always the one she is working on: "It is always bittersweet for me to part with a painting that I have fallen in love with. However, it's always validating." As Oscar Wild once observed, "Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not the sitter."

Larissa's gift of bringing reality to a bare canvas is a true testament of her skill and greatness. Her paintings capture true beauty, they are moving and intoxicating, filled with such lush imagery and sensuality.

Lahaina Galleries is proud to represent this extremely gifted and unique artist.


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