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Thomas Easley


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Thomas Easley’s bold and iconic style is often described as “Extreme Impressionism.” Using layered acrylic paint on board, the artist

encompasses many different techniques and inspirations, melding traditional styles with new and creating an exciting passionate signature blend that is entirely his own.

Although Easley is completely self-taught, living in Europe for many years provided a unique opportunity to closely examine and study the Old Masters’ paintings, which ultimately shaped and influenced his choices as an artist. In England, he refined his skill as a Classical Realist, specializing in miniature paintings and portraits. An election into the Royal Miniature Society in the mid-1980’s is testament to a rare talent and dedication to perfecting his craft. In Italy, while studying Canaletto and Guardi, Easley embarked upon several new directions, including large-scale architectural landscapes, floral still life, and nudes. Subsequent travels to India, a country rich with mysticism, inspired a delve into Dimensional Realism, Surrealism and highly allegorical works.
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