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Lau Chun


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Exuberant color, vigorous brushwork, and a joyous outlook are all characteristics of Lau Chun’s highly distinctive oil paintings. Born in Kiangsi, China, Lau demonstrated a precocious interest in art at the age of ten. After graduating from high school, he entered the Canton School of Fine Art to receive a solid foundation in the fundamentals of art. In 1962, living in Hong Kong, Lau was hired by Francis Bobo, a noted Mexican artist, to paint murals and mosaics. They worked together for eight years. Later, a grant from a Swiss company, Revox Corporation, led to study and recognition in Europe. Attracted by the light and color of the islands, the artist settled in Hawaii in 1971.

While Lau has been inspired by the French impressionists he has developed a distinctive style that redefines the tenants of classical impressionism. The uniquely textured paint surface is abstract up-close but at a distance, perfectly captures the spirit and values of his subjects. The impressionism of light and energy is rendered with such confidence and vivacity that it is destined to place this artist in the front rank of American-impressionist painters.

In a style that almost defies definition, Lau Chun invites us into the dream-like world he creates on canvas. Using bold and daring strokes, he paints from within, encouraging us to see that way. His paintings have the power to bring the viewer that instantaneous quickening and enhancement of life that is the chief function of true art.


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