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Steve Matson


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Growing up in Hawaii, the colors, motion and textures of the islands became embedded in my imagination and my dreams. They taught me the elemental qualities that have emerged in my work.

As a young artist, I painted all the time, on canvas, paper, walls (as murals), but I always felt something missing. A day at the beach for me was active; it was alive with motion and change, the change of the colors on the water, the change of the foam in the surf, the change in the angles of the sun. This motion is what I wanted to incorporate in my art in some way.


Over time I became skilled at using digital art and animation techniques that supplemented my skills with pen and brush. As I grew with the technology I became convinced that someday I could bring my paintings to life. I had to wait 20 years but finally the various technologies matured and converged to make my dream a reality.
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