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Steve Matson


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Growing up in Hawaii, the colors, motion and textures of the islands became embedded in my imagination and my dreams. They taught me the elemental qualities that have emerged in my work.

As a young artist, I painted all the time, on canvas, paper, walls (as murals), but I always felt something missing. A day at the beach for me was active; it was alive with motion and change, the change of the colors on the water, the change of the foam in the surf, the change in the angles of the sun. This motion is what I wanted to incorporate in my art in some way.


Over time I became skilled at using digital art and animation techniques that supplemented my skills with pen and brush. As I grew with the technology I became convinced that someday I could bring my paintings to life. I had to wait 20 years but finally the various technologies matured and converged to make my dream a reality.

In making my art I have also discovered that not only am I bringing my expression to life and letting others into my own unique imagination. But the movement and content of the work also brings healing and relief to many who experience it. This exciting dimension to my work is both humbling and energizing to me as an artist. It helps me to expand my sense of how my art communicates and how I want to enrich and learn from it. For me, bringing my vision of childhood delight and wonder into a fluid tapestry of image and motion is a great fulfillment and something I am honored to share.

Steve Matson splits his time between fine art and creating matte paintings for Hollywood movies. He has painted background environments for such films as: Life of Pi, Polar Express, Star Wars EP3, Superman, The Chronicles of Narnia, Surfs Up, Beowulf, 300 and many others.

Steve's mother was a gifted artist, and had him drawing and painting regularly from the age of 5. Steve trained at the Honolulu Academy of Arts before moving to LA to work as an illustrator and painter.

In 1986 Steve saw the world's first computer that was designed for artists, the Quantel Paintbox. He immediately understood the creative power this technology had to offer.
This led him around the world on a award-winning career in film and television that has spanned 25 years.


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