James Scoppettone

Celebration Lane, Autumn
Giclee on Canvas 24 x 18 in, 32 x 24 in, 40 x 30 in.
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“This is a celebration of nature with confetti (the leaves remind me of confetti). Sunshine and blue sky amplify the colorful glow of Fall foliage, the star features of this original oil painting and now print. Every leaf and branch are positioned to celebrate what could be considered as the culmination of an entire year’s worth of work, before going into the next cold and bare season. Celebration Lane is alive with color and motion in a fleeting moment, that can be enjoyed here by the viewer ‘forever.' The wind ushers in a new chapter, and the path invites the viewer forward toward a gentle bend beyond which may be anything imaginable. Signed in bright white, this painting is for that reason alone, rarer than rare.” ~ James Scoppettone