Donna Young

Donna Young

Donna Young’s distinct and unique style is influenced by many different cultures, eras and techniques that she has been exposed to throughout her career.  She says, “I push myself to evolve and learn from the medium itself.  I love accidents, and how the unpredictability of the mediums often guide me into a meaningful conclusion.  I strive to move away from traditional representational oil painting by using the two-dimensional space of my canvas to impersonate the ‘atmospheric perspective’ of depth.  With bold color and incorporating fluid structure, a question is irresistible: What lies above?  You, the viewer, forms the answers playing in the reflections.  Three different planes of existence appear to gracefully float within one space.  Melding together the vertical sky, horizontal water, organic material and the rhythmic circles of motion create a juxtaposition that is vibrant, yet peaceful. The spirit of intrinsic nature is created."

By using sparkling tones set in lush landscapes and opulent water reflections, Donna layers textures to connect the viewer to a stunning appreciation of the natural world.  When she puts brush to canvas, she anticipates a certain end result; however, the outcome is usually far from what she originally sets out to achieve.  For Donna, this is not a failure, but rather letting the process unveil her inspiration.  Painting is a powerful medium, and she peacefully paints in a meditative state of mind.  Donna’s paintings "have a melody that sing in an array of colors with a spiritual feel.  I believe in letting my work guide me, and accepting the composition and colors that it demands to create a lasting piece of visual poetry. These are reflections of my soul.”

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