Hisashi Otsuka

Hisashi Otsuka

Like the samurai depicted in many of his intricately beautiful paintings on fabric, Hisashi Otsuka is an artist of remarkable dedication. Schooled in Zen and the martial arts, he has lived and worked by the warrior’s code of discipline and duty.  Rooted in Japanese tradition, yet adventurous in nature, Otsuka is known throughout the world for his boldness of color and a unique style like none other.

Otsuka’s artwork is a powerful balance of ancient Eastern techniques and modern Western ideas. Like a concert musician with perfect pitch, he has perfect color memory and sense.  Otsuka's time-honored poets and warriors, kabuki figures, ukiyo-e women, and elegant calligraphy are steeped in the classical past.  Yet in color and composition, his work achieves a vigorous, contemporary context.  Monumental in scope and meticulous in detail, it offers an aesthetic of heroic and subtle impact.

Otsuka’s brilliant neo-deco style introduced a dramatic new movement in the world of art.  All Otsuka compositions have evolved to a decorative elegance, and a cross-cultural excellence that not only appeals to East and West artistically, but also brings them together in understanding.   Otsuka’s international prominence has made him a truly dominant force on the world art scene.  To Otsuka, life and art create each other: he, the master warrior, wielding his brush like a sword. Hisashi Otsuka


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