Lau Chun

Lau Chun

Lau Chun (born 1942) is an artist with a unique, modern-Impressionist style.  A resident of Hawaii since 1971, Chun’s work has been sought after by art collectors for decades.  Born and educated in China, influenced by the French Impressionists, and globally inspired, Chun developed a unique and beautifully articulated style that has been said to “redefine the tenets of classical Impressionism.”

“Nature has a lingering impact on me,” says Chun. “When I look at a scene, I see such beauty in the landscape, the color and light, I am filled with emotion. So I try very hard to paint what I feel, not just what I see. This way,” he smiles, “I can’t make a mistake!”

Chun's canvases are filled with both weight and whimsy, and convey bold forms defined by soothing and ethereal color.  Chun works almost exclusively in oil, achieving richness in his painting by layering one color over another.  “It is very hard to do a painting one time and finish.  I must go back to the painting many times to get the transparency of color.  Up close you just see a lot of color, but when (you) stand back, the painting pops!”

“In the 1970s", Chun recalls, “abstracts were such a joy.  By the 1980s I focused on Impressionism, and then to figurative work.  To be a true artist is not easy.”  Chun admits, “I try to be a true artist, so I try to evolve.  I pick one subject and repeat that subject many times until I feel I am doing a good job, then I move on to something new.”

Today Lau Chun’s paintings have come full circle, to both reflect the foundation taught to him in his youth and revisit the subjects that first inspired him to make Hawaii his home. "The brilliant light and shimmering colors of Hawaii transformed my palette,”  says the artist.  In his earlier days, Chun nearly always worked on location; now, he works “from my many years’ experience.  I don’t want the work to look like a photograph.”  As in memory, emotion is more important than detail, the color more vivid and alive because the viewer is invited into a private world.

Lahaina Galleries has proudly represented this world-renowned, Master artist for over three decades.  

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