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Plein Air artist extraordinaire, Ronaldo Macedo, has an amazing ability to capture those magical (but far too brief) moments in time that stir our spirit.  Ronaldo was born in Rio de Janeiro, before moving to Southern California as a teen.  After earning a degree in Illustration from Cal State Long Beach in 1989, he celebrated with a surf trip to Maui.  Ronaldo quickly realized he had found his new home, and thus began a new chapter leading to a long and successful career as a fine art painter spanning the past 30 years. 


Ronaldo currently lives in Lahaina, but still loves to travel and paint wherever he goes. A surfer, sailor, fisherman, and riverman, this adventurous artist is mostly inspired to paint where land meets the water, often discovered during one of his favorite outdoor activities.  Painting on location (“en plein air”) has always been his artistic preference, and he is the founder of the Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational.  Ronaldo explains that direct observation delivers the information he needs to create and interpret the light and shapes he sees, while plein air painting evokes unique passion and spontaneity. However, he does not dismiss the value and daily discipline of painting in the studio, which is utilized to create the larger works. 


Ronaldo credits plein air painting and his artist peers for his continual progress and evolution as a painter. One only has to gaze upon his work to fully experience and appreciate his love of life, family, and of course, the beautiful beaches of Southern California and Hawaii featured prominently in his collections.



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