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AT THE BREAK OF DAWN - (Approx 10 minutes & 1,000 in the edition)

"Roy Tabora's work has been an inspiration to me since the early days of my artistic journey.  His blend of realism and romanticism truly captures the spirit of the islands.  I have always dreamed of bringing his vision to life.  It is an absolute honor to collaborate with him." ~ Steve Matson

MESSENGER - (Approx 10 minutes & 1,000 in the edition)

"I’ve been developing ideas inspired by the beauty and mystery of the Southwest for many years. But it wasn’t until a Hawk persistently spent time around our house that I became aware of their relation to us. Our southwest is adorned with a living history that speaks of the sacred connection between people, land, water and wildlife since time immemorial.  


Hawks can soar to great heights while still keeping an eye on the ground, bringing us the message of freeing ourselves from thoughts and beliefs that are limiting our ability to soar above life and gaining a higher perspective.


Messenger is a tribute to the magnificence of the Southwest landscape, wildlife and people.." ~ Steve Matson

SEASONS - (Approx 10 minutes & 1,000 in the edition)

The cycles of life. 

"I became really inspired after moving up into the mountains of Lake Arrowhead.  It’s at 5,400 feet above sea level in Southern California. The scenery is breathtaking.

I have never done a piece like this before. Eight months in the making. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it." ~ Steve Matson

MAUKA - (Approx. 10 minutes & 1,000 in the edition)

"The events with Madame Pele at the Kilauea volcano on the Big Island has reminded me of the precious circle of life, how creation and destruction are constantly intertwined. Two sides of the same coin. And that the spirit of aloha means that we are all connected.

Mauka (Mountain) is a return to my roots, a return to Hawaii." ~ Steve Matson

SEA LIFE - (Approx. 10 minutes & 1,000 in the edition)

In "Sea Life", Steve goes underwater to explore aquatic life in a way never seen before. A visual symphony filled with radiant jellyfish, sea dragons and sea horses rhythmically swimming through vibrant, tropical waters.  These visions are teaming with life, welling in constant change and color, and can really be only experienced firsthand to be believed.

WINDOW TO PARADISE - (Approx. 10 minutes & 1,000 in the edition)

"Having grown up in Hawaii, I spent many hours at the beaches, surfing, swimming and just watching the way the interplay of light and color transformed the quality and mood of the day.    I spent days filming waves at all hours looking to find the light and movement I was looking for.  At any one point you can see over 100 different layers, animated components and effects all incorporated into this finished  painting."  ~ Steve Matson

TROPICAL HORIZONS - (Approx. 10 minutes & 1,000 in the edition)

"I’ve been a big fan of Ronaldo Macedo's work for many years. He’s one of the most talented Plein-Air Painters the Islands have ever produced.

His paintings have so much life and movement. When I saw “Tropical Horizons” I just loved it and thought it would be mesmerizing to see it come to life. 

Ronaldo beautifully captured a magical moment in Lahaina, you just want to be there." ~ Steve Matson

DAY AT THE BEACH - (Approx. 10 minutes & 1,000 in the edition)

Having grown up in Hawaii, Steve Matson spent many hours on beaches surfing, swimming and watching the rhythm of the waves.  He was captivated by the interplay between the light and color as it slowly transformed the quality and mood of each day.  So it was only natural for him to want to bring the motion, nature sounds and mesmerizing imagery into his painting.


In “A Day At the Beach,” Steve did just that. He captured the awesome beauty and subtle serenity we find on days we are lucky enough to spend time at the beach.

TROPICS - (Approx. 10 minutes & 1,000 in the edition)

We all have memories of solitude and a feeling of peace as we relaxed on a beach in the warm sand and felt the gentle salt breeze on our faces.

“Tropics”, will take you on a journey… from a tropical island with turquoise waters to dense rainforest teaming with life.  Listen to the sounds of birds and waves rolling up on the shore and this will transport you back to that place of solitude once again.

CALL OF NATURE - (Approx. 10 minutes & 1,000 in the edition)

"We all know the feeling we get when the tranquility of nature takes us away from our daily routine. There is a wholeness that’s hard to describe. For many of us this is too infrequent.

I am constantly inspired by nature. In this work I wanted to capture nature's awesome beauty and subtle serenity.  Let the soothing visuals of the art in motion take you to another world as the painting transforms into multiple sceneries." ~ Steve Matson


EDGE - (Approx. 4 minutes long & 200 in the edition)

“The ‘Edge’ represents the propensity of people to be drawn towards the source of their life; to seek to return to a natural state. We are drawn towards the good and not-so-good: separateness, knowledge, leverage and gain.  Best laid plans….” ~ Steve Matson

ODYSSEY (Approx. 6 minutes long & 100 in the edition)

“The ‘Odyssey’ is about asking ourselves, 'what are the repercussions of the choices we make? How do they affect our journey and our growth?'” ~ Steve Matson

VEIL -  (Approx. 7 minutes long & 300 in the edition)

“What is the nature of reality?  Are we creating our own unique yet interdependent world?  What’s the possibility of us achieving a transcendent experience here and now in this modern world?  For years I’ve been developing ideas and imagery for ‘Veil’.  In the end, I didn’t really plan it, just started animating the most intriguing ideas and it came together as it took on a life of its own.  Many insightful and unexpected surprises revealed themselves.” ~ Steve Matson

DICHOTOMY - (Approx. 10 minutes & 1,000 in the edition)

Atmospheric, dreamy, ethereal are words that dance on the edge and through Steve Matson’s work as he explores emotion, light and movement in the abstract.  Dichotomy is an immersive journey into the imagination, suffused with emotionally extreme contrasts that magically form, melt and meld into mist and dream.

EBB & FLOW - (Approx. 10 minutes & 1,000 in the edition)

Ebb and Flow is the rhythm of living, fundamental to life. Experiences, emotions, values are all relative to the continuous change that life presents us. The highs, the lows, actions and reactions.

In this piece I endeavor to explore the rhythmical seeds of change that drives us.

BOUNDLESS - (Approx. 10 minutes & 1,000 in the edition)

Boundless is my humble attempt at visualizing the mystery of our existence. Our world of infinite potential, it's complexity, it's simplicity, it's beauty, through an exploration in form, motion, texture, color and light. 

Multiple interconnecting forms creating new continuously changing compositions through it’s own juxtaposition.

ECLIPSE - (Approx. 10 minutes & 1,000 in the edition)

Through this series of abstracts I really enjoy working with fluid paints and inks. In this piece I wanted to push the technique further. I have to work fast and spontaneously to capture the movement of the paint as it flows.  Instead of controlling the process I needed to allow the organic forms and shapes to create and inspire the compositions on their own.  I orchestrate the process, see what happens and try to record the event unfolding in front of me, it is awe inspiring.  This is my finale, for a very personal body of work. Part four "abstract" series.  An introspective journey that has been over 5 years in the making. I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed creating it.


 Steve Matson has found a unique way to blend his animation talents to his art paintings by adding actual motion to his works for viewing on a monitor.   

This video shows a brief glimpse into his process.  Each moving painting takes about 7-12 months to complete. 

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Steve Matson began drawing and painting at age 5, taught by his mother, an accomplished artist.  From Steve Matson's early beginnings as an illustrator, to painting amazing environments in award-winning Hollywood films, Steve Matson has always looked to redefine what’s possible in art.  For over 30 years, it has been his goal to bring his paintings to life - organically and without compromise.  Steve Matson would have to wait 25 years for technology to mature to the point where it matched his vision.

Through this waiting period, however, he was far from idle.  Steve Matson had an award winning career creating matte paintings for movies, including: Life of Pi (Academy Award for Best Visual Effects 2013); Polar Express; Star Wars EP3; Superman; Spiderman, The Chronicles of Narnia; Surfs Up; Beowulf; 300; and many others.  Steve also worked on the One World Trade Center elevators' experience: “A Time-lapse of New York Over the Centuries”.

In 2010, Steve Matson created his first "Moving Painting", thereby achieving his life-long goal.  Since then, Steve Matson's  life hasn’t been the same.  With each new work, Steve continually pushes the boundaries of this seemingly unlimited new medium. 

Steve Matson’s enthusiastic collectors can be found all over the globe.  Lahaina Galleries is proud to represent this true visionary.


3750 Wailea Alanui Dr. Suite A23
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3750 Wailea Alanui Dr. Suite A23
Kihei, HI 96753
United States
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