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Donna Young


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Donna Young's devotion to startling jubilant color is contagious. Inspired by the French Masters, such as Monet, Matisse and Van Gogh, Donna invigorates her canvases in dynamic immediate brushstrokes. Sparkling tones used in her lush landscapes and opulent water reflections are layered with expressive rhythm. Her scenes are poetically textured with spirited energy and allow the viewer to connect to a stunning appreciation of our natural world. Sensuous pattern, tempered with vigorous color, tell a story of an impressionist vision through the use of an abstracted contemporary approach, giving the viewer a sense of quiet harmony and space. Her experience of life, passion for color and refinement of technique combine to offer incredible works that are rich in energy, a celebration to the eye, and seem almost as timeless as nature itself.

Donna is a graduate of Burnley School of Professional Art in Seattle, WA (1976), and has exhibited constantly and received numerous artistic awards. Her visions of nature have resulted in exhibitions in major corporate headquarters as well as having earned a strong following among private collectors and celebrities. "It is my intention to create paintings which fascinate, uplift, and heighten the senses. And I enjoy presenting my subjects in unusual perspectives, which encourage viewers to put aside habits of perception and to look at the world with new eyes. I feel compelled to capture nature with spirited color, mood and emotion that is alluring, vibrant and sustaining."

Selected collections include City of Happy Valley, OR; Holladay House Medical Center, Portland, OR; Slocum Medical Center, Eugene, OR: City of Bend, OR; City of Redmond, OR; McDonald's Corporation, Los Angeles, CA; Washington Mutual Bank, Seattle, WA; Seattle First National Bank, Seattle WA.


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