Video - Sculptor Steve Turnbull - A Studio Visit


Sculpture Steve Turnbull

Carving the Heartwood

Steve Turnbull chose Maui, Hawaii as his home in the early 1980's. Selling his first sculpture at the age of 19 changed his course in life to pursue his dream as an artist. After Steve completed his BA at the University of Washington in Seattle, he moved to the rugged West Maui Mountains where he made his home and studio with his family. He sculpts exotic wood, stone and bronze to create abstract sculptures that represent the moving tides, the warm tropical breezes or the elegant curve and twists of a giraffe. His free flowing organic shapes in which he captures the beauty within the medium are known to transform a room. He has been represented by Lahaina Galleries for over 20+ years and his work can be seen at the Andaz Hotel, Neiman Marcus on Honolulu and several public and private places throughout the world. 

Steve specializes in Koa, Monkeypod, Naiao, Mango, Java and various Driftwood 

To see Steve's newest sculptures visit his page: Click Here



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